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HYLO EYE CARE®: all ingredients at a glance

Eye drops are available with a wide variety of ingredients which are all different in their mode of action and their area of application. One can quickly lose track. In order to help with finding the right medication, we have made a table for you of the ingredients used in HYLO EYE CARE®  products.

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Side effects of HYLO EYE CARE®

If unintended effects and accompanying symptoms occur when using medicine or a medical products, these are referred to as side effects or adverse drug reactions. With most products, side effects cannot be totally excluded, particularly because of intolerance to one of the ingredients. Side effects are, however, very rare when using eye drops and eye ointments from the HYLO EYE CARE® range.

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Use of eye ointment: PARIN POS® and VitA POS®

Eye irritation can have different causes. Environmental impacts like wind, dust, air-conditioning units, direct sunlight and extended activities such as working at a monitor or driving a car can all lead to burning and itchy eyes. These are often accompanied by a sensation of dryness or of having a foreign body in the eye. The eye ointments PARIN POS® and VitA POS® protect the surface of the eye and improve the tear film. The feeling of burning, itchy or irritated eyes is thus relieved and the eyelids can easily slide over the cornea and conjunctiva.

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The use of eye drops from the HYLO EYE CARE® family

When the function of the natural tear film in the eye is impaired or if there are symptoms caused by the surroundings, such as extended work at a monitor, it is recommended to get an ample supply of moisture. The use of eye drops can help to relieve the different symptoms of dry eyes and to support tissue in regenerating. Even people who wear contact lenses do not have to forego the use of eye drops and can rely on the products in the HYLO EYE CARE® range.

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Frequently asked questions about dry eyes and HYLO COMOD®

What are possible causes for dry eyes?
The causes of dry eyes and a lack of lacrimal fluid can be very varied. Alongside dry air or draughts, wearing contact lenses, working in front of a monitor or taking medication (for example the contraceptive pill or beta blockers for high blood pressure), the menopause or increasing age, for example, could also have a role to play.

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