Dry eyes: this is what to look for!

Red and burning eyes, a foreign body sensation in the eye or watery eyes are unfortunately a part of everyday life for many people. In numerous cases, the diagnosis is “dry eye”.
The choice of the right eye drops is crucial for relieving the symptoms. The pharmacist Dorothea Gross knows what you need to pay attention to.

The causes of dry eyes are many. As well as age-related illnesses, air-conditioning units, contact lenses or working at a monitor could encourage the symptoms of dry eyes. “Treatment with eye drops can bring relief – if important criteria are noted:

The eye drops must have very good tolerability and optimally support the lubrication of the eye, so that the drops do not have to be used too often. Also a must for me with dry eyes is to avoid preserving agents,” explains pharmacist Dorothea Gross.

No preservatives, no phosphates!

Preservatives can disrupt the complicated structure of the tear film and cause long-term superficial tissue damage. Phosphates also behave in the same way: if the surface of the eye is damaged by the dysfunctional or missing tear film, calcifications can build up in the cornea which, in the worst case, have to be removed with surgery.*

There are eye drops and eye drops!

The pharmaceutical form also plays an important role in achieving optimal lubrication of your eyes: “I particularly recommend preservative-free multi-dose systems, like the COMOD® system,” declares Dorothea Gross.

The COMOD® system makes exact dosage possible. In addition, it has a higher yield and thereby low treatment costs. A further benefit is the particularly long shelf life of six months after first use.

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